St Catherine's Hostel Wangaratta

59 - 69 Ryley Street, Wangaratta, Vic, 3677

Phone 03 5721 2243

Two levels of residential care are provided in Australia. These are 'low-level' (hostel) services and 'high-level' (nursing home) services.

St Catherine's Hostel comes under the category of 'Low-level' care services with Ageing in place.

This means that there are suitably qualified nursing and personal care staff in the Hostel 24 hours a day to tend to our residents.

The nursing and care staff work in close consultation with the doctors of Wangaratta, who call at the Hostel when required to see residents.

The Hostel has a very good working relationship with all the hospitals and medical professionals in the area allowing us to provide the best possible medical care for our residents.

St Catherine's Hostel Wangaratta